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What is flavoured coffee?

The history of flavouring coffee is almost as old as coffee itself. It began with cinnamon, cardamom and even pepper. All of these ingredients were part of the spice trade running through the original coffee growing areas around the Horn of Africa. Hence it was only natural to try adding them to coffee thus creating the effect of “Aromatherapy in a Cup”

We decided to carry on this tradition by using 7 flavours that are found in nature such as, chocolate, vanilla, fruit, nuts, spice, caramel & distilled spirits. This allows us to combine these to make such flavours as Mocha hazelnut Crème or Vanilla Nut.

Our flavours are derived from the natural plant itself as well as mimicking the natural oil and aromatic flavour      components of the targeted taste.

What is the recommended way to store the coffee?

The best way to store our coffee is to keep them in the bean and then grind on demand to get the most taste out of your coffee. An added bonus is the aromas of the flavoured coffee will permeate around the area you have just

ground the coffee in, allowing everyone to enjoy the aroma.

If you don’t have a grinder and buy it pre ground, just keep it stored in an air tight vessel and use within

4-6 weeks of purchase.

About Us

How is the flavour infused with our fresh Roasted Coffee, and what type of beans do we flavour?

We supply 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from South America. Every week we roast to fill our customer orders to ensure the freshest roasted and flavoured beans possible.

Following the roasting of the beans, we allow them to cool and once they have come down to room temperature

they are then infused with our natural flavours which are then slowly blended into the beans and then they are left

to be fully absorbed and once this has finished we immediately package them up to capture the aromas.

Our coffee does not have traces of nuts in them.

Who is Coffee Connex?

We are the proud distributors of the most unique flavoured coffee.

When we find a good thing like coffee we try to make it better. That is what flavoured coffee is all about, making coffee even more appealing by adding complimentary flavours.